The Paintsville Funeral Home has been dedicated

to serving the families of Johnson County since 1948.


                     With the intent of meeting the needs of those families we serve, we are informing our families as of June 2, 2020, a mutual agreement between Larry R. (Rusty) Preston (Owner/President) of the Paintsville Funeral Home, and Michael C. Preston of the Preston Funeral Home


                    In full agreement the Paintsville Funeral Home business was purchased by the Preston Funeral Home. We understand it is your choice where you place your pre-arrangements, and we strongly encourage you and feel that the Preston Funeral Home will be able to give you the continued service and trust that you have had with us.


                Should you have any questions concerning your pre-need arrangements, or questions in general please don't hesitate to call.



                The numbers will remain the same- 606-789-5125 OR 606-789-4212,


Thank You, for letting us be a part of your family and entrusting us with your loved ones



       Larry Russell (Rusty) Preston__________________________


Larry Russell (Rusty) Preston

Former (Owner/President) of the Paintsville Funeral Home.